Class 5 Photonics Finalist bei Prism Awards 2018

Class 5 Photonics - der Gewinner der ersten OptecNet Start-up Challange ist unter den nominierten Finalisten der Prism Awards 2018. In zehn Kategorien wurden aus 150 Kandidaten die 30 Finalisten ermittelt. Am 31. Januar 2018 werden die Gewinner bekannt gegeben.

Zum zehnten Mal vergibt die Jury der Prism Awards den Preis für herausragende Innovationen in der Photonik:

"Prism recognizes particularly outstanding examples of the imaginative range and innovation reach of photonics R&D. We are grateful to help move the development of laser, illumination, scanning, and other technologies into the applications used in everything from your phone to automobile."
-SPIE CEO, Eugene Arthurs 

The Class 5 flagship product "Supernova OPCPA" is the most powerful femtosecond laser on the market. 

At industry-leading 1 mJ, 100 kHz, 100 W experiments can be performed 10x faster compared to conventional Ti:Sapphire lasers. The product delivers extremely short pulse durations down to 15 fs and covers wavelength regimes from 0.4 – 3.0 µm with options for tunability, multiple outputs and CEP stability. The full wavelength flexibility allows tailoring to custom multi-color experiments at full system performance and unprecedented stability over days. This allows leading scientists to push research in attosecond science, material processing and ultrafast spectroscopy to new limits.