ficonTEC is nominated finalist for PIC Awards 2018

ficonTEC has been chosen as a PIC Awards Finalist. We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen as a finalist for the PIC Awards 2018 by the PIC Awards governing committee.

This award recognises advances in the development and application of key materials systems driving today's photonic integrated circuits and providing a stepping stone to future devices. For PICs assembly, we have revolutionized the automation of packaging with a number of platforms performing active and passive alignment, bonding from epoxy to laser induced soldering, pick & place and more. All our machines are based on a highly modular approach that allows rapid customisation. True to our 'Photonics from Lab to Fab' maxim, ficonTEC can serve the PIC market with both standard and individual machines designed by a dedicated and extremely experienced team, and where every solution is scalable from early device development environments, over new product introduction (NPI) and all the way up to high-volume production facilities - both for contract manufacturing and for in-house R&D and production. The PIC Awards will take place at PIC International conference on the 10th April 2018, Brussels. The voting process is still open. All voting closes on 23 March 2018. Details can be seen here: