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Online-Sessions »IZM Photonics: IN GLASS WE TRUST« #3

At Fraunhofer IZM, photonics stands for the integration of optoelectronics and microoptics with the aim of miniaturizing, increasing efficiency and enhancing the functionality of systems for...

03.05.2021 external Event

ICULTA-2021 | International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Application

Once more, #ICULTA will bring together pioneers, leaders, and experts from science and industry to discuss latest progress and innovations in the development of #UVLEDs and their broad spectrum of...

19.04.2021 - 20.04.2021 external Event
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European Quantum Leadership – Session 3: Quantum Sensing and Imaging

The raw of sessions on the European Quantum Leadership shows, how the EU pave the way to its technological and industrial leadership in quantum technologies. Learn about the flourishing European...


27th International Semiconductor Laser Conference – ISLC20201

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 27th International Semiconductor Laser Conference (ISLC), which will take place in Potsdam.  Potsdam is one of Germany's most beautiful cities and only a...

10.10.2021 - 14.10.2021 external Event

"Less than 1 micron away from perfection (Part I)" - 2021 Webinar Series

New 2021 Eight Session Webinar Series “Next Level of Technology – High End Electronics meets Optics”. Increase your knowledge of progress and innovations in the field of micro and optoelectronics.  ...

14.04.2021 external Event