9th High Level Expert Meeting - Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations

In previous High-Level Expert Meetings (HLEM) and workshops, developers, manufacturers and users have confirmed the great interest in asphere metrology.

Both the introduced measurement systems as well as the results of round robin comparison measurements show the enormous potential of this field of technology. In addition,a great need for comparability, standardization and proximity to users was also pointed out.

Our upcoming 9th HLEM 2018 is dedicated to the presentation of measurement results of current lenses, discussion and dissemination of new developments and recent scientific results in asphere and free form metrology for reflective and transmissive surfaces. With this broader scope we aim to supplement our previous events while also addressing asphere and free form metrology to interested scientists, developers and manufacturers.

Seven different samples are available for measurements through friendly support of Asphericon GmbH (Jena), Berliner Glas (Berlin), IOM (Leipzig) and Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Braunschweig). We do not want to require the participants to measure the large number of samples in one run. In order to carry out a well-founded comparison, we would appreciate, if you could consider the following 3 lenses in your measurements:

  • small asphere (UPOB #2)
  • standard asphere (UPOB #3)
  • cylinder (UPOB #4)

Due to the demand of the participants a CGH for lens #3 (standard asphere) is avaliable!

More information and registration

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